Straight Talking – So You Want to be a Travel Writer?*

* formerly titled Writing about Travel for Fun and Profit

“When I met Helen Leggatt and started to understand her beliefs as to what makes great travel writing, I realised they pretty much mirrored what we were doing. I explained to her that for quite some time we’d been planning a book dedicated to other travel writers with the same ideas, passion and values. I begged her to write this book and luckily for us all she agreed.” Ed Lester, Founder, So Much World


Leyla Ayse, Women on the Road founder, travel writer, development professional and diplomat, wrote:

Writing About Travel for Fun and Profit* was a surprise – a revelation even. One becomes accustomed to the quality of so-called ‘free’ products on the Internet, and usually, they’re worth what you pay.

Writing About Travel was such a surprise!

This book is dedicated to the would-be travel writer, but is equally valuable to the professional. Not only does it provide the basics on how to become a travel writer, but it raises interesting questions about why become one, what it takes, and what is and isn’t true about other travel writing books ‘out there’.

Helen Leggatt writes from a place of passion, of itchy feet – possibly the most important qualification of a travel writer. But she has what it takes to be a travel writer – she notices the world around her, loves it, and wants to tell everyone else about it.

She also writes from a place of pragmatism, providing an untarnished view of this wonderful business, warts and all. She tells us what travel writing will do for us, and also what it won’t do. Her book is also filled with humour, which makes it an easy read. I did it in a single sitting.

This isn’t a book about grammar or about marketing (apparently that one is next!) but about the hows and whys of travel writing, about finding out whether this is a match for you, and guiding you to develop what you need in order to make it.

Writing About Travel* is not just an excellent e-book about travel writing, but an excellent book, period. If you’ve ever wanted to be a travel writer and wondered whether this was for you – read this book! Chances are you’ll find your answers in its smart, entertaining pages.”

“Thanks for your uplifting twist on travel writing….I enjoyed the book.”
– emailed comment.

“Your book rocked!” – Abha Malpani, Written Road (now Vagablogging)

TravelRat said: “Since their introduction, I’ve been a bit sceptical about ebooks. They’re a good idea, I thought, but they need a really user-friendly ‘reader’ before they really catch on. But, I did spend the other evening curled up in my armchair with my laptop, an ebook and a glass of wine and the experience wasn’t bad at all.

But, I still wouldn’t take my laptop down to the beach, and leave it unattended while I went for a swim!

The book I was reading was Writing About Travel for Fun and Profit*by Helen Leggatt, and it’s good!”

* Former book title


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